Buildings and businesses come and go. Whether a shop the size of a living room, or an iconic piece of the skyline, after they're gone often all that's left are a few photographs and some fading memories. But sometimes there's more.
Our Neon City is a documentary series telling the stories behind neon signs that once clung to some of Winnipeg's most historic buildings. Some barely dodged the wrecking ball, while others are still bolted to brick walls, trying desperately to survive the cold prairie winters. All of them are antiques and have one things in common: they're cherished by Winnipeg's patron saint of neon, Mike Wolchuck.
Over the years Mike has rescued countless signs from demolition, saving Winnipeg's history then bringing it back to life in the Neon Factory on Main Street. Now these neon signs are getting an encore as they again flicker to life in Our Neon City.

Now available on MTS TV in Winnipeg . Order the series on DVD